The annual report of the Instıtute of Physıology was heard
Dec 20, 2021 | 11:00 / Conferences, assemblies
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A joint meeting of the Division of Biological and Medical Sciences of ANAS and the Scientific Council of the Institute of Physiology named after academician Abdulla Garayev was held. The results of the Institute's scientific and scientific-organizational activities in 2021 were discussed at the event.

Opening the meeting, Vice-President of ANAS, Chairman of the Academic Council of Division of Biological and Medical Sciences, academician Irada Huseynova gave a speech to the General Director of the Institute, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Ulduz Hashimova for a presentation.

In her report, Ulduz Hashimova gave detailed information about the work done at the Institute in connection with the implementation of state programs this year, noting that 43 stages of 28 scientific research works on 13 topics on the solution of 4 problems in the main scientific directions of the Division of Biological and Medical Sciences. It was noted that a total of 175 scientific works, including 62 articles and 113 abstracts were published in the local and foreign scientific press, 9 articles were published in impact factor journals and the employees have participated in numerous online conferences and webinars both in the country and abroad.

The most important results of fundamental research in gerontology, neurophysiology, cell physiology were presented to the participants, on which scientific articles will be prepared for publication in journals with a high impact factor.

Ulduz Hashimova mentioned that the interaction between fundamental science and education has been significantly strengthened in recent years, and scientific and pedagogical relations with other universities are underway.

Stressing that the Institute's international relations have expanded in recent years, the professor said that in 2021, official agreements on cooperation were signed with 2 foreign (Russia, Turkey) and 3 local organizations.

At the end of her report, the Director General of the Institute informed about the active participation of the institute in the activities of ANAS to combat the coronavirus pandemic, as well as in improving the country's defense capability.

After discussion, the report on the activities of the institute in 2021 was adopted.

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