In 2021, 31 results were obtained at the Institute of Dendrology
Dec 09, 2021 | 01:30 / Conferences, assemblies
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A joint meeting of the Scientific Council of the Division of Biological and Medical Sciences of ANAS and the Scientific Council of the Institute of Dendrology was held.

The event was dedicated to the report on the results of scientific and scientific-organizational activities of the Institute of Dendrology in 2021.

Vice-president of ANAS, chairman of the Scientific Council of the Division, academician Irada Huseynova, who chaired the meeting, emphasized that December 12 is the day of remembrance of National Leader Heydar Aliyev, spoke about the services of the architect of independent Azerbaijan to our state and people.

Then, a report on the results of scientific and scientific-organizational activities of the Institute of Dendrology in 2021 was heard at the meeting. The report was presented by the Executive Director of the institute, PhD in Biology, Associate Professor  Samira Bagirova.

First of all, the rapporteur informed about the implementation of decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decisions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, tasks related to state programs this year. Samira Bagirova noted that the Institute of Dendrology is conducting research to expand the range of plants grown in natural and cultural conditions and to protect biodiversity. For this purpose, monitoring was carried out in the Greater and Lesser Caucasus this year, the current state of the Azerbaijani dendroflora was studied, and the taxonomic composition of plants was studied. Scientific research has been carried out in the field of ecosystem restoration, repatriation of rare species, dendroclimate and dendrochronological analysis, inventory and certification of historical natural monuments, use of species in the dendroflora of landscape architecture, restoration of the gene pool. Research is underway to determine the degree of adaptation of plants to environmental factors and their resistance, the study of the state of infection with pathogens and pests, the development of integrated methods of combating them.

The rapporteur noted that in 2021, 31 results were obtained in 8 laboratories of the Institute of Dendrology of ANAS, reflecting the research work carried out by 5 doctors of sciences and 13 doctors of philosophy. Several of them were selected as the most important results.

In 2021, the staff of the institute published a total of 94 articles and theses (17 in high-ranking journals), as well as 2 books ("Taxonomic spectrum of Absheron flora", "Medicinal plants used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases"). Employees of the Institute of Dendrology have received numerous certificates by participating in international and local conferences.

In order to study the biodiversity of Karabakh, the management and staff of the institute together with representatives of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources monitored the Basitchay State Nature Reserve in Zangilan region and 11 types of grass were recorded. 5 of them are included in the Red Book.

In order to integrate science, education and economy, the institute together with higher and secondary special schools regularly implements ecological, methodological projects and tree-planting campaigns in the field of environmental protection. In connection with Victory Day, a republican drawing competition on the theme "Kharibulbul" consisting of photos and handicrafts of young artists was organized at the enterprise this year. In 2021, Zafar TV internet channel was launched by the Public Relations Department of the Institute of Dendrology, and a series of shootings were held. The official website of the institute is constantly updated.

Staff training was continued at the Institute of Dendrology. The dissertation work of 2 employees of the Institute was discussed in the ED1.26 Dissertation Council of the Institute of Botany of ANAS.

Scientific research is underway to preserve, enrich and increase the living collection fund of the dendrological park.

Then the speaker answered numerous questions of the chairman and participants of the meeting. Extensive discussions were held around the report, and the speakers considered the one-year activity of the institute and the results achieved satisfactory.

Summing up the discussions, academician Irada Huseynova noted that the Institute of Dendrology is developing, and gave recommendations and instructions for the next period.

In the end, the Institute’s performance was positively assessed and a decision was made to adopt an annual report.

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