Scientific symposium dedicated to the 120th anniversary of academician Valeriy Ulyanishev
Dec 25, 2018 | 10:12 / Conferences, assemblies
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A scientific symposium dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the famous biologist, academician Valeriy Ulyanishev was held at the Main building of ANAS on December 25.

Opening the event, Academician Akif Alizadeh, President of ANAS, spoke about the contribution of the prominent scientist to Azerbaijan's mycology and its development. He noted that Valeriy Ulyanishev has enriched the sphere of science in Azerbaijan with new scientific directions and ideas and rendered invaluable services in training young cadres. The scientist discovered more than 100 new types of fungi known to the Caucasus and Azerbaijan for science.

The head of ANAS shared his memories with academician Valery Ulyanishev.

Then academician-secretary of the Department of Biology and Medical Sciences, academician Ahliman Amiraslanov spoke about the meaningful life of Valeriy Ulyanishev, who occupied a special place in the field of the study of the mycology science of Azerbaijan. He said that a prominent scientist who devoted his life to science was acting mainly in the field of mycology and phytopathology. V.Ulyanishev, who made great efforts to study the variety of cultural and wild plants of Azerbaijan, was awarded the Lenin Prize in Science in 1964 and Honored Scientist of the Azerbaijan SSR in 1974, as well as "Red Labor Flag "and a number of medals.

Director of the Institute of Botany, academician Valida Alizadeh's report on the life, scientific and scientific-organizational activity of academician V.Ulyanishev.

It was noted that the prominent scientist paid special attention to the ecology of mushroom species in Azerbaijan and geographical analysis of the mycoplora. For the first time in his country, parasitic fungus has been studied and measures against herbal diseases have been developed.

In 1927, he was invited to Azerbaijan at the request of the People's Commissariat of Land of Azerbaijan SSR for studying the diseases of cultivated plants. Since that time he established and supervised the Phytopathology Laboratory in the Department of Plant Protection of Transcaucasian People's Commissariat. Invited to the Botanical Institute to work in 1937, V. Ulyanishev established the Primary Plants Department and for a long time he headed the department until 1992 and made significant efforts to promote the development of micronutrient science in Azerbaijan . The department, which he established, has directed theoretical-practical research on fungi, algae and herbal remedies in the republic.

V.I.Ulyanishev successfully defended his Ph.D. (1940), doctor of sciences (1952) and received the name of professor (1952). He was elected as Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan SSR (1968), an active member (1972).

Scientific research of V.I.Ulyanishev is devoted to microbiology and phytopathology. He has been studying a number of issues that are important for agriculture in Azerbaijan, including the development of methods for combating germs in cotton, hollow diseases, germs and fruits that are parasitic. V.Ilyanishev is the author of 4 articles, 5 books, author of "Azerbaijan Mikoflorası".

V.I.Ulyanishev was the founder and chairman of the Transcaucasian Council for the Coordination of Scientific Research on Plant Protection in 1963-1972 and a member of the All-Union Council since 1964. From 1964 to 1974 he was deputy chairman of the Azerbaijan branch of the All-Union Botanical Society. He was the editor-in-chief of the “Transparency Mushrooms of Zaqafqazya”, V. Alizade added.

Professor Alexander Kurakov, head of the Department of Mycology and Algology at the Moscow State University, Arif Bayramov, Doctor of Biological Sciences and others spoke at the event.

At the end a film about life and activity of academician V.Ulyanishev was demonstrated.



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