Scientific-practical conference on "Azerbaijan-China economic cooperation"
Sep 21, 2017 | 07:53 / Conferences, assemblies
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On September 21, a joint scientific-practical conference on "Azerbaijan-China economic cooperation" was held at the Main building of ANAS jointly organized by the Institute of Economy of the Academy and the Institute of Economy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS).

First of all, participants of the conference visited Alley of Honor to commemorated national leader of our nation, the architect and founder of modern Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev, and laid wreaths and flowers in front of his grave.

Prominent ophthalmologist, academician Zarifa Aliyeva also commemorated and flowers laid on her grave.

Then, guests visited the Alley of Martyrs expressed their gratitude to the memory of the heroes of the Motherland, and laid flowers on their graves.

Speaking at the event, Academician Akif Alizadeh, President of ANAS, said that close relations between our countries have ancient historical roots. Ancient Silk Road, founded 2000 years ago, laid the foundations of friendly relations between our peoples. The establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Azerbaijan on April 2, 1992 has opened a new page in the history of both countries, scientist noted.

Cooperation between China and Azerbaijan is developing steadily over the past 25 years. If in 1992 the trade turnover between the two countries was $ 1.5 million, this figure reached $ 770 million in 2016. Despite the fall in oil prices in the world market, trade relations between the two countries have continued to expand. China is currently one of the five major trade partners of Azerbaijan. National leader of the Azerbaijani people Heydar Aliyev’s visit to the People's Republic of China in 1994 was an important starting point for the years of independence and President Ilham Aliyev's visit to China and meetings held in 2015 gave a great contribution to cooperation, A.Alizadeh emphasized.

"It is important to establish scientific and literary relations with the world's second-largest economic country.The leadership of ANAS also visited China in 2015 and held various meetings at the Academy of Social Sciences here" academician underlined.

The scientist emphasized that the Chinese government is ready to cooperate with Azerbaijan and have joint relations in order to strengthen further relations. A.Alizade expressed confidence that the scientific-practical conference will give an impetus to the expansion of economic cooperation and, in general, the intensive development of relations between our countries.

President of CASS, Van Veyukan, said the development of the Azerbaijani and Chinese cooperation stepped into rapid development stage. Speaking about the importance of the "One Pipeline - One Way" project, V.Veyquan informed about funds allocated for this initiative. It was pointed out that favorable geographical position of Azerbaijan, being the heart of the Eurasian continent, makes this country a strategic partner for China.

President of the CASS noted that his organization is one of the country's largest scientific-research centers since 1977, as an independent scientific institution. The world's most famous statesmen and prominent Nobel laureates visited this academy and held meetings. National Leader of the Azerbaijani people, prominent statesman Heydar Aliyev made a profound speech in front of academics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences of People's Republic of China on March 9, 1994 and highly appreciated the activity of this scientific-research institution as one of the recognized major scientific centers worldwide.

Today's conference will be the basis for the Azerbaijani-Chinese scientific cooperation, V. Veyukan emphasized.

Later, Chinese Ambassador to Azerbaijan Vey Cinhua spoke about the history of Azerbaijani-Chinese literary relations and underlined that relations between our countries are based on the principles of friendship and partnership. Noting that China is one of the first countries to recognize Azerbaijan's independence, the ambassador said bilateral cooperation is rapidly developing in many areas. He noted that high-level reciprocal visits, conferences, and numerous documents contributed to the deepening of our relations.

Vice President of ANAS, Academician Isa Habibbeyli's "Azerbaijan-China Relations: Contemporary Views and Perspectives",” Economic cooperation between China and Azerbaijan within the frame of Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Economics, professor Pei Chanxu’s "One Pipeline - One Way", Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship, academician Ziyad Samadzadeh's "Economic Development Strategy of Azerbaijan during the New Independence period", Director of Macroeconomic Research department of the Institute of Economics of CASS Chan Sin’s "China's Key Economic and Social Development Trends in the 13th Five-Year Plan" and other topics were listened.

The reports highlighted the priorities of inter-country scientific relations and issues of mutual interest, stressing the need to study China's economic experience and apply it in Azerbaijan.

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