Notable botanist-scientist of Azerbaijan Tofig Mammadov is 60
Feb 09, 2017 | 06:16 / Jubilees
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On February 10, notable researcher-scientist, botanist with “Shohrat” order, director of the Institute of Dendrology, corresponding member of ANAS, Professor Tofig Sadig oghlu Mammadov.

Tofig Mammadov was born on February 10, 1957 in Dirnis village, Ordubad region of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. In 1974, finished Dirnis secondary school, graduated from Azerbaijan State Construction Engineers Institute (University of Architecture and Construction) in 1982.

Worked in the several posts, great interest in science and nature brought him to the Institute of Botany at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. T.Mammadov initially worked as a senior engineering at the Institute of Botany, during 1990-1996 in the post of deputy director of Mardakan Arboretum, a department of the same institute, since 1996 he is the director of this scientific venture.

Scientist defended PhD thesis on “Bio-ecological features valuable trees-bushes plants of the Mardakan arboretum and their value in greening of Absheron” in 2000, doctoral thesis on “Scientific bases of bio-ecological features, agro- techniques and rational use the perspective trees-bushes plants in greening of Absheron” in 2004.

During this period, as a result of wide research projects studied the biological and ecological characteristics of trees and shrubs, introduced under dry subtropical climate, and their resistance to environmental factors of the environment, group them into morphological characteristics and put forward a number of proposals in connection with their use in gardening.

In 2007, a prominent scientist was elected a corresponding member of ANAS in botany. And in 2014, the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was awarded the title of professor in biological and environmental sciences.

T.Mammadov authored the local and foreign press 22 books, more than 200 scientific papers and 8 patents. H supervised a doctor of sciences and 9 doctors of philosophy.

Since 2000, he edited a collection of published scientific articles "Introduction and acclimatization of plants." Scientists’ books - "Lawn - decorative architecture", "Bonsai Plants", "Morphological terms in determining the plant", etc. are used as the main tool in the implementation of practical work for specialists in the field of gardening.

- Under the leadership of T.Mammadov book "Encyclopedia of indoor plants" in 2006, and "Encyclopedia of flowers” in 2007 was written. As a result of studies conducted by scientist for many years, in 2010 in Azerbaijan for the first time published a monograph of his work "Trees and bushes Absheron". Fundamental work "Dendroflora Azerbaijan" was published telling of consistently carried out expeditions and monitoring the current state of dendroflora Azerbaijan.

Scientist has identified rare and endangered species of trees and shrubs of the 42 families, 71 genera, 198 species of flora of Azerbaijan, these species are grouped according to categories of danger.

As a result, researcher-scientist have conducted the introduction of new species of trees and shrubs of tropical and subtropical origin, on the basis of scientific study of their biological and ecological features, and likeness to the local soil and climatic conditions.

Professor to improve the biodiversity of flora brought to our country the seeds of more than 100 trees and shrubs from around the world, engaged in their introduction to the local conditions.

Through the efforts of T.Mammadov in 2005 Mardakan Arboretum was elected a member of the Botanical Gardens of the World, and in 2007 the American Society of Botanical Gardens.

The scientist is a member of the Expert Council of the journal "Paleobotany", the Botanical Gardens on the CIS countries, while the Botanical Gardens in the Caucasus and the journal of Natural Sciences, University of Sutchu Imam in Kahramanmarash, Turkey, as well as a member of the editorial board of the journal "Hortus Botanicus", Azerbaijani Ambassador to the Company botanical gardens CIS countries.

Since 2013 is a professor in the Department of Botany of the Baku State University and the chairman of the State Examination Commission Odlar Yurdu University. Since 2014 is the deputy chairman of the Defense Council for specialty "Botany" in the Botany Institute of ANAS.

The merits of the scientist are also highly appreciated by the state. For his fruitful activity in the field of research and tuition, according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan he was awarded "Shohrat" in 2015 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of ANAS.

Also, for his contribution to the development of national science scientist has been awarded the Certificate of Merit of ANAS.

Congratulations to the outstanding scientist-botanist of the 60th anniversary and new achievements in his scientific and pedagogical activity!


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