An employee of the Institute of Zoology has participated in the training program of ADA University
Nov 12, 2016 | 03:25 / Conferences, assemblies
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The doctoral student of the Laboratory of Herpetology of the Institute of Zoology (ANAS), Gunay Alikhan Gasimova has participated in a three-day training program, named “Baku Autumn Environmental School”, jointly organized by the Caspian Center for Energy and Environment of ADA University  (CCEE) and German International Cooperation (GIZ). The training, named II Baku Autumn Environmental School on the “Inclusion of ecosystem services in the development plan” has been held at the University of ADA on 4-6 November, 2016.

The training has been implemented by the methodology (Harvard Case), based on the unique practical experience.

The purpose of the training is better assessment of ecosystem services, evaluation and description of the development plans, impact of their activities on ecosystem services and making optimal choices.

The politician frequently faces with multi-faceted problems in the processes related to the preparation of development plans. Sometimes, projects are implemented in order to achieve the goals at the expense of the impact to nature. For example, public policy of the intensification of agriculture is implemented in order to increase food production. For this reason, deforestation paves the way for soil erosion and floods. Of course, individuals, depending on the nature are very sensitive to the impact of these processes.

Recognizing of the relationship between ecosystem services and development goals set the stage for the selection of more successful strategies.



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