Volume 2 (75), No 2, 2020




G.R. Alibayova, S.M. Rustamova, L.A. Akhundova, N.Sh. Mustafayev, I.M. Huseynova. Angiotensin-converting enzyme gene insertion/deletion (I/D) polymorphism in Azerbaijan population.

A.M. Allahverdiyev, S. Dinparvar, M. Bagirova, A.I. Qurbanov, R.B. Bayramlı. Overview on under development of vaccine candidates against SARS-CoV-2.

A. Eftekhari, A.N. Nasibova, R.I. Khalilov. Rapid and simple detection of SARS-CoV-2 with point-of-care COVID-19 testing.

N.Y. Bayramov, T.B. Sadigzade, T.G. Aliyev, A.M. Rustam, G.B. Sadigova. Clinical characteristics, risk factors and outcome of the mild and moderate COVID-19 infection.

U.F. Hashimova, A.M. Hajiyev, Kh.M. Safikhanova, S.I. Huseynova, M.A. Mejidova, N.V. Ahmedova, G.Z. Gasimova, F.E. Rustamov. Prevalence and fatality rates of COVID-19 in the elder age groups of Azerbaijan population.

T.M. Cavadova, G.M. Dadashova, M.N. Azimova, N.N. Qabiyeva. Clinical features and characteristics of myocardial injure in COVID-19 (data from multicenter studies).

K.G. Gasimov, T.A. Samadova, F.K. Abasova, I.A. Shahmuradov. Comparative studies of E, M and N structural proteins of SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-2, pangolin CoV and bat CoV.

R. Khalilov, A. Eftekhari, H. Hosainzadegan. Co-infections in COVID-19 patients and the importance of microbial diagnosis for disease management.

S.J. Ibadullayeva, N.A. Agayeva. Immune strengthener plants in Azerbaijan flora.

A.A. Mekhtiev. A possible method of inhibition of virus COVID-19 reproduction through induction of intra-cellular synthesis and upregulation of interferon I.

N.P. Mehdiyeva. Prospective directions for searching new medicines of plant origin, effective in infections of different etiology.

N.A. Hasanov, G.G. Guliyeva. New research directions of bats in Azerbaijan - bats as a potential reservoir of some zoonotic diseases.

S.A. Adnayev, E.A. Mammadov, I.M. Akhundova, H.V. Hasanov. Effect of vitamin D blood levels on the disease in patients with COVID-19.

R.T. Abdiyeva. Importance of researching invasive species against the threat of future pandemics: the study of invasive plants in Azerbaijan.

R.I. Khalilov, G.A. Aslanova. A time-dependent SIR model for COVID-19 in Azerbaijan.

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