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Cild 1 (74), N01,  2019
ISSN 2078-3388

N.Sh.Mustafayev,E.R. Mammadov, A.Ch. Mammadov,  A.B. Hasanov, I.M. Huseynova. Mutation cases in the paternity tests using 15 autosomal STR markers

Y.M. Feyziyev. Chlorophyll fluorescence and "Maximum Quantum Efficiency" of photosystem II in plant sciences

G.M. Gasimova, R.C. Masmaliyeva, G.N. Murshudov. Resolution and resolvability in one, two and three dimensions

Z.İ. Akparov, M.A. Abbasov. Study of genomic variation in bread wheat collection based on next generation sequencing data

A.M. Asgarov, K.A. Mammadyarova. Morphological studies of seeds of some subgenus (subgen. Trifolium, subgen.Galearia) of Trifolium L.

A.A. Mekhtiev, Sh.M. Asadova, Sh.B. Guseinov, G.R. Vagabova. Engagement of mechanisms of cellular differentiation in formation of memory traces

K.F.Bakhshaliyeva, N.R.Namazov, A.A.Yusifova, S.M.Jabrailzade, P.Z.Muradov. Species composition of anamorphic fungi on medicinal plants in Azerbaijan

A.G. Aghayeva. Optimization of culture conditions for higher production of antimicrobial compounds by AZ-130 bacterial strain isolated from soil of Azerbaijan

V.B. Shadlinsky, S.A.Aliyeva.  Comparative characteristics of the facial skull size of an adult, depending on the shape of the nose

S.V. Shadlinskaya. Features of the density of the location and changes in the cellular composition of the lymphoid formations of the vaginal vestibule of rats after a treatment course of naphthalan baths

E.A. Khydyrov, S.F. Ganbaeva. Comparative studies of pelviometric traits in different age groups with narrow female pelvis

N.Kh. Aliyeva, E.E.Gafarova, D.R. Aliyeva, S.Y. Suleymanov, F.H. Rzayev, E.K.Gasimov. The effect of salt (NaCl) stress on the ultrastructure of mesophyll and bundle sheath cell chloroplasts and the activity of superoxide dismutase in maize plants (Zea mays L.)

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