Cild 3 (76), No 2, 2021


Flora of Karabakh, plant cover and main directions of plant resources research
A.M. Asgarov. Download PDF 
On the preparation of the III edition of the "Red Book" of the Republic of Azerbaijan: Red List of Karabakh fauna
E.I. Ahmadovp. Download PDF  
Geobotanical features of alpine and subalpine vegetation of summer pastures in the East Zangazur economic region and its signifıcance
E.M. Gurbanov. Download PDF  

Fauna of Karabakh and liberated territories and prospects of reintroduction of some largest mammals
A.G. Eyvazov. Download PDF 
Taxonomic structure and ecological analysis of plant cover of the alpine-subalpine landscapes of the Karabakh natural subregion (Lesser Caucasus)
E.F. Yusifov. Download PDF

The importance of mycological research and directions of future research in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan
P.Z. Muradov. Download PDF

Mapping of LC/LU changes inside the Agdam district of the Karabakh economics region applying object-based satellite image analysis
A.A. Rasouli, M.M. Asgarova, S.H. Safarov. Download PDF

Biological diversity of forest ecosystem of the Basitchay State Nature Reserve
T.S. Mammadov, S.B. Bagirova, M.Y. Hasanova. Download PDF

Geography of population longevity hotspots in Azerbaijan 
U.F. Hashimova. Download PDF
Ethnobotanical analysis of Karabakh
S.J. Ibadullayeva. Download PDF
Prospects for studyıng bats of Karabakh as part of the Lesser Caucasus fauna
N.A. Hasanov. Download PDF 

The study of Scutellaria L. sect. Lupulinaria A. Hamilton (Lamiaceae) in Karabakh
R.A. Salimov. Download PDF

Species diversity of reptiles in the landscapes of the Lesser Caucasus within Azerbaijan 
S.G. Jafarova, S.N. Bunyatova. Download PDF  
Research on high genetic resources of oak forests in Karabakh and highlighting benefits of reconstruction of oak forests to our ecology and economic development
G.N. Aliyeva. Download PDF

Special protected natural areas of Karabakh released from occupatıon
Y.T. Abiyev, F.S. Seyfullayev, V.S. Farzaliyev. Download PDF

Prospects of biodiversity research in water basins of the Karabakh region
R.Y. Gasimov. Download PDF

Comparative analysis of agrobiological traits of durum (T. durum Desf.) and bread wheat (T. aestivum L.) varieties in the Karabakh region
Z.I. Akparov, A.M. Abdullayev, Kh.N. Rustamov, М.A. Abbasov. Download PDF  
Thermophilic bacteria of the hot springs “Ashagi  Istisu” and “Yukhari Istisu” of the Kalbajar region of the Republic of Azerbaijan
G.Y. Gunashova, F.R. Ahmadova, R.I. Khalilov. Download PDF     

Diversity of the Triticeae genetic resources in the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan
S.P. Mehdiyeva, M.E. Eldarov, S.S. Sharifova, M.A. Abbasov, A.J. Aliyeva, Z.I. Akparov. Download PDF  

Preparation of soil maps and ecological assessment maps of soils of the territories of Azerbaijan liberated from occupation
G.Sh. Mammadov, D.R. Ahadov,   Z.R. Mammadov. Download PDF  

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