Cild 2 (75), No 1, 2020



U.F. Hashimova. Academician ABDULLA ISMAIL oglu GARAYEV – a committed scientist and prominent public figure (1910 - 1968).

Y.O. Bayramova, U.F. Hashimova. Comparative characteristics of bioelectric activity of the brain in long-livers from different regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan

 A.A. Gaisina, R.Yu. Kasimov. Impact of different types of crude oil on embryonic neurotransmitters.

E.Sh. Abiyeva, A.A. Mekhtiev. Transgenerational transmission of prenatal hypoxia-induced changes of two enzymes in the brain structures of rat progeny.

A.M. Gadzhiev, S.A. Aliyev, A.K. Hassanova, Z.B. Rzayev. Tissue and subcellular activities of superoxide dismutase in skeletal muscles during physical exercises.

R.I. Ibrahimov. The effects of heavy metals on biochemical processes in the human body (review).

U.F. Hashimova, Kh.F. Babayev, P.A. Shukurova, S.I. Gasanova. Effects of saffron (Crocus sativus L., Iridaceae) on the testosterone level in the blood and sexual behaviour of male rats.

A.V. Aminov, A.A. Mekhtiev. Study of the activity of serotonin-modulating anticonsolidation protein in regulation of proliferation and differentiation of embryonic cells of Xenopus laevis.

A.N. Mammadzada, N.I. Aliyeva, S.N. Orujeva, U.F. Hashimova. Dopplerographic and electrophysiologic studies of retinitis pigmentosa in young people.

I. Kvetnoy, N. Linkova, Y. Krylova, T. Kvetnaia, U. F.Hashimova, A. Gadzhiev, V. Polyakova. Neurodegeneration as mitochondrial pathology: Signaling mechanisms and new routes for life-time diagnostics and targeted therapy (review).

M.T. Abbasova, A.M. Gadzhiev. Bioeffects of electromagnetic irradiation on blood of rats.

S.M. Yagubova. Morphology of lymph nodes and lymphocytes of peripheral blood during acute hypobaric hypoxia.

P.A. Zulfugarova. Peculiarities of involutory processes (aging processes) on background of light desynchronization.

R.M. Baghirova. The role of neurochemical systems of the brain in the regulation of the hippocampal theta-rhythm.

A.R. Hashimova. A study of accumulation and quantity of microelements with high toxic effects on bone and muscle tissue of reptiles in urbanized areas of Absheron.

R.I. Gafarov, K.R. Yusif-zadeh, S.S. Manafov. Complex diagnostic methods for non-tumoral pathologies of gastro-esophageal junction (mini review).

U.S. Ismailova. Studies of underlying molecular mechanisms of retinitis pigmentosa in experimental model and clinics.

M.B. Majidi. Effects of fluoxetine on memory processes in the rats with different phenotypes of nervous system and different levels of biogenic monoamines of the brain.

V.M. Abbasov, N.D. Nabiyeva, J.Sh. Mammadov, M.I. Aliyev, P.A. Safarova, G.E. Ismayilova, S.M. Rahimli, G.A. Isayeva. Study of the effect of compositions of mineral oils with ether oils on the mosquitoes.

I.S. Aliyev, S.A. Aliyev. Influence of football activities on the amount of lipid peroxidation products and enzyme activity in adolescent saliva.

J.V. Kosayev , I.A. Hasanov. Soft tissues regional blood flow and microvasculature upon different perioperative treatment strategies following indirect revascularization in patients with critical lower limb ischemia, caused by occlusion of distal arteries.

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